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Matt Hladki Headshot

Meet Matt Hladki, Grede’s New CAO

August 9, 2022

Who is Matt Hladki? Get to know Grede’s new CAO and what Matt is most excited to bring to the organization in his role.

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Excellence in Optimization: How Grede Uses Lightweighting to Drive Cost Savings and Sustainability in the Castings Industry

July 13, 2022

Manufacturing commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and industrial machines that are strong yet energy-efficient requires careful analysis and an expert team of engineers. Learn more about lightweighting at Grede now.

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artificial intelligence in the casting industry

The Future Foundry is a Smart One: AI in the Metal Castings Industry

June 10, 2022

At Grede, we’re turning our plants into smart foundries with the integration of IoT technology across our footprint. By mid-2023, we expect two artificial intelligence-driven innovations to be driving efficiency across our plants. Learn more about how Grede is leading the metal castings industry forward by applying AI across our plants.

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Grede Announces Restructuring, Promotions to Support Customer Demand 

May 4, 2022

Grede is pleased to announce the segmentation of its Automotive and Commercial & Industrial units, a reorganization that has been accompanied by key promotions. 

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3D printing bearing housings at Grede

Innovation Applied: 3D Printing Bearing Housings & Cored Products at Grede

April 7, 2022

The process of manufacturing bearing housings, valve bodies and other complex cored products has traditionally required the assembly of multiple cores. Today, advances in 3D printing technology are enabling foundries like Grede to make complex sand cores in a more efficient manner.  

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